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when you start losing a bunch of followers


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"The universe doesn’t care about us. Time doesn’t care about us. That’s why we have to care about each other."

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The Spice Girls

“I’m too much of a creepy, negative person… A sicko… Desperate… The pathological type… Ugly, awkward, uptight, and socially retarded.” -Kurt Cobain




"without us you wouldn’t have any rights!" without you we wouldn’t have to fight for them

Always this. Always.

"Remember that men gave women the right to vote!"

And remember that men should never have been at such a social and political advantage as to be able to literally give and take away rights from groups of people.


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John Lydon


"Some anarchists see anarchy as the ability to do whatever they want without having to be accountable to anyone else for their actions, I personally think that that kind of attitude is just the standard American “rugged individualism” bullshit repackaged as a faux-radical alternative, because it doesn’t challenge the fundamental alienation from each other we suffer under capitalism and the state. If our society replaces genuine community with consumer culture, authority, and oppression, that kind of anarchism simply rejects any idea of community at all. For me, anarchism is about replacing the false community of the state and consumer culture with a community based on mutual aid rather than competition, gift economy rather than capitalism, and collective agreements based on full consent and voluntary association rather than rules or laws based on state coercion and violence. Instead of being accountable to authority, I want us to actually be accountable to each other. A pretty important part of that is being able to come together as radical communities and have conversations about how alcohol and drugs impacts our work, our spaces, our relationships, and our unity, and to figure out what sorts of agreements and boundaries makes sense for us."

- Towards a Less Fucked Up World by Nicky Riotfag (link)

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"Don’t hang with people who make you justify your vibe. Black holes don’t give the light back."


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